Do you know why are we certain our sets are healthy?

In Sushi Factory, we not only wish to know where the ingredients used to manufacture our sets come from. We simply know that! Why is that so important? As only the highest-quality ingredients guarantee we obtain taste comparable to the one offered by top sushi bars. This is why we are so strict for our suppliers whom we like and respect, but also oblige to hold and present the following:

Global GAP certificate (food manufacturers)

BRC, IFS and FSSC 22000Food certificates (food processing plants)

ISO 9001:2008 and BRC loP certificates, REACH declaration (packaging manufacturers)

–  Comprehensive documents confirming the ingredients’ origin (all suppliers)

Good because verified!

The foundation of sushi is obviously the fish. This is why salmon you can find in our sets comes from controlled Norwegian cultures considered to be the best worldwide!
Rice is imported from Italy, from a manufacturer holding the required ISO certificates who has specialized in manufacturing rice dedicated for Eastern cuisine for over 100 years! Importantly, the manufacturer uses a special photovoltaic system. Supplying their plant with „clean technology” or, in other words, using solar energy, they contribute to the protection of the natural environment.

To ensure nigiri is delicious and attractive for both your eye and palate, it needs to be made from the best ingredients. This is why we use solely large, 3L shrimps, imported especially for you straight from Vietnam. They come from our trusted supplier, whom we can be certain to respect all rules and hold required certificates.

Not all ingredients come from abroad. For example carrots, radish, cucumbers, chives and peppers are produced in Poland. They are always fresh, crunchy and free from GMO!

Both the inside and outside is important!

Taking care of the natural environment, we need to pay attention to the packagings used, i.e. plastic film and cardboard boxes. You need to know that buying our sets you do not contribute to wildlife degradation. How is that possible? That is simple. We:

  • Carry out smart recycling of packagings, plastic films and cardboard boxes;
  • Follow the standards determined by the ECO CYKL certificate awarded to us.

What is more, we require our manufacturers to use certified quality management systems, i.e.:

ISO 9001:2008 (manufacturers of cardboard boxes and plastic film for onigiri)

BRC IoP and declaration REACH (tray manufacturers)

BRC IoP (manufacturers of film for sushi trays)