A story of a single roll

Do you like sushi as much as we do? If you are on this website, this is probably the case. This is why we will tell you our story. It is simple, but also unusual. Today, when we recollect it, usually at lunch time, between sushi pieces and wraps and onigiri bites, even we find it difficult to believe it started no so long ago…

Meet Darek!

Dariusz Tubacki is a key component of Sushi Factory. It was him that came up with the idea to start making sushi which will be sold in shops and shopping chains. That unusual thought came to his mind when he was visited by friends and served rolls prepared by himself. The more recognition he won, the more he was certain that his future is connected with that delicious Japanese dish. This is why Polish Sushi Factory was started in Robakowo near Poznań, and the brand called Sushi4You emerged.

Sushi Factory is people

Sushi Factory is created today by over 170 employees! The R&D department specializes on new products, ensuring the highest quality and a wonderful framing for the sets created by us. It is assisted by the quality department led by Joanna Andziak-Grzywacz. Thanks to Joanna, our products are always fresh and healthy, and it also looks great. Joanna monitors quality of all processes in the plant, thanks to which we can boast of BRC and IFS certificates obtained by us. We are one of few companies which has been awarded a veterinary registration number. This means we can export our products also to European countries.

That taste does not come out of thin air

An important person in Sushi Factory is Kalina Idziak from the Purchasing Department. She looks for and verifies suppliers of ingredients we use to manufacture sets. The great taste of our sets is guaranteed by the best and healthy ingredients. This is why Kalina needs to know every our manufacturer and ensure they possess the certificates required by us and documentation confirming the origin of ingredients supplied.

The new tastes and manufacturing quality are monitored by Process Engineers and Quality Specialists, i.e. Paweł Reiski and Michał Janowski. It is great when they visit our offices, bringing new taste variations to try. Thanks to their creativity and unrestricted culinary imagination, the brand Sushi4You has over 10 different sushi sets and other delicious specialties, e.g. onigiri or wraps, today.

Your ability to buy our sushi is guaranteed by Maciej Bernat from the Sales Department. He cooperates with shopping chains and shops, talks to decision makers and, consequently, enters Sushi4You on shop shelves.

We do it for you!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to describe all our employees. There are more than 170 of them! It is thanks to their commitment and willingness to participate in the development of Sushi Factory that we are a dynamic sushi manufacturer today and a candidate leader in Poland and Europe. This is not an easy task, but it is also not very difficult if you have such a well-tuned team and a clear and precise objective, namely making delicious sushi and snacks enabling you to taste Japan at home!